Introducing the newest addition to the Queen B family. Our black label Moonlights. Two beautiful double walled tealight cups with the perfect beeswax candle appearing to float inside. After months of testing we have come up with something truly sublime. Needless to say we are very proud. These make an absolutely stunning gift you will certainly be thanked for.


The set contains:

Black Label gift box
2 x double walled Queen B tea cups
2 x Moonlight candles



Safety tips ~

  • We recommend always burning a candle on a fire safe and heat proof surface. Ceramic, tile, mirror plate, glass, marble… should all be heat proof (unless they have a special finish on them in which case check first). Never burn a candle directly on to a timber surface.
  • Think about where your candle flame is going to be when you light the candle and ensure there is nothing that can come into contact with the flame (loose paper, curtains or anything else flammable).
  • Think about candle safety when you’re setting a dinner table… leave enough room between the candles to allow your guests to pass dishes and drinks without burning themselves or knocking the candles over.
  • Every child is different, so it is up to you whether it is appropriate to teach your child about fire or not and at what age. If you’re worried about fire safety around kids, think about putting the candles in a holder with a wide flat base (like a vase or fishbowl) and either keeping them out of reach, or, better still, educating the kids not to touch them while they’re burning.

    We have had hundreds of customers over the years who have told us that they have taught their kids that when the candles are lit in the evening it is ‘quiet time’… dinner, bath & bed.

Moonlights ~ Set of 2