Elite 5 Sided Box Grater

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The Microplane® Elite Box Grater features five popular blade styles: fine, coarse, ribbon, ultra coarse and a slicer blade. The ergonomic design has a non-slip handle and rubberised base for stability and ease of grating. The convenient slide-out catch plate holds grated foods and the measuring feature helps you monitor the volume.

Features original USA made Microplane stainless steel blades.

Use a Box Grater for:

Bigger projects, where you need to shred a lot of vegetables, or cheese. 

Also use for a recipe that requires, multiple tools, for instance, zucchini bread, where you need shredded zucchini, and zest. 

Since this tool has a measuring cup enclosed, it is nice to use when you need to measure, but don’t want to wash another dish. 

Box graters are very versatile since they have multiple blades – one Box grater does the work of 5 individual paddles or handheld graters.  

Product Details

Features 5 popular Microplane blade styles:

        Fine – combined with the coarse blade on the back panel, the fine blade makes quick work of parmesan cheese, zesting, and grinding hard spices.

        Coarse – combined with the fine blade on the back panel, the coarse blade can be used to grate hard cheese, carrots, chocolate, and coconut.

        Ribbon – Located on a side panel, use a ribbon blade for efficiency. It is a bi-directional blade so it cuts pushing or pulling.  Recommended for soft cheeses, and fruits and vegetables.

        Ultra Coarse – Largest panel on front for grating larger vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, apples. 

        Large Shaver – Located on the side panel, use when you need small slices of items like parmesan, ginger, chocolate, and truffles.


  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle and rubberised base for stability
  • Measuring cup with locked in catch plate in place has a capacity of 2.5 cups
  • Clear window to see results as they pile up inside.
  • Non-slip grip and base add comfort and stability when using


Materials: Surgical grade stainless steel blades.

Plastic body.

Rubber Base.

Blades made in USA

Total Dimensions: 3 3/4″L x 5″W x 10 5/8″H