Macadamia Nut Cracker

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Macadamias. They’re delicious. They’re good for you. And…they’re delicious – which I believe I already mentioned, but I’m saying it again because they’re just so delicious!

The only problem with Macadamias? Getting the little soandsos out of their shells! Why must the most delicious of nuts so hard to crack?!?

The solution? The CrackaMac. It’s a nutcracker, designed specifically for cracking Macadamia nuts. And, it’s got a cute little koala head - because it’s Australian made and designed, of course!

The clever little cookies over at CrackaMac had a really close look at the Macadamia nut…and discovered there’s a little white dot on the shell of every Macadamia, right opposite the stem point. This little white dot represents the start of the nut’s natural fracture line. Apply a little pressure to this dot and – crack! – your Macadamia pops open. 

Just put your Macadamia inside the CrackaMac and line the little white dot up with the metal cracker. Twist the Koala’s head a couple of times to apply pressure…and with a little crack, your Macadamia will open!

Enjoying delicious Macadamia nuts just got so much easier. It’s amazing what a little Aussie ingenuity can achieve!



  • Designed and made in Australia.
  • Made from heavy -duty plastic and metal.
  • Put your Macadamia inside, place the white dot that indicates the nut’s stress point at the top and turn the head a couple of times until the Macadamia cracks. It’s easy, and often only takes a couple of twists.
  • Usually opens your Macadamias whole, without reducing the nut inside to too many pieces.
  • Instructions Included
  • Hand wash recommended.