Cuisipro Fat Separator

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Cuisipro has evolved the art of taking fat out of your meal. With the Cuisipro Fat Separator, removing fat is no longer a long, fiddly task. Now, there is a clear divide, and a way to get directly to the good stuff without the bad stuff interfering!

First, pour your concoction from the pan onto the heat-resistant strainer lid, so unwanted food bits are automatically taken out of the picture. And with wide rims on the lid, spills become a no-more zone.

Then, as your fat begins to rise to the top, press the red "switch" to use the Easy Drain feature. This will now allow only the good juices to flow from the base of the jug.

Whether you’re out for the most perfect gravy or the most perfect stock, trust Cuisipro to get you there!

Fat Separator features:
  • Designed in Canada.
  • Made from durable plastic.
  • Heat-resistant strainer lid.
  • Silicone plug in the base works to separate fat and gravy.
  • Oversized rim prevents spills.
  • Internal measurement markings.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Capacity: 4 cups (1litre).
Height: 15cm.