Eden Glass Teapot - 600ml

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The Avanti® Eden Teapot with its modern take on a classic shape is the ideal vessel for brewing and serving all types of tea. Ideal for herbal and flowering teas, it is made from durable and heat resistant borosilicate glass that offers an elegant clear finish that lets you see the tea as it is brewing. It features a glass infuser insert that ensures maximum infusion of your favourite loose tea and can be removed for steeping teabags. The spout has been specially shaped to prevent drips when pouring and has a practically-sized handle.

    • 600ml capacity
    • Constructed from heat resistant Borosilicate Glass
    • Removable glass infuser
    • Can be used with loose tea or tea bags
    • Tapered spout minimises any unnecessary spills
    • Practically-sized handle
    • Glass is microwave and dishwasher safe

    USE & CARE

        • Pre-rinse the Teapot carafe with boiling water.
        • Spoon one teaspoon of tea per person and one for the pot into the infuser.
        • Pour boiling water through the infuser into the teapot and brew to the desired strength. (For optimum results never use re-boiled, stale water or bottled water).
        • Clean infuser with warm water and washing-up liquid. A washing-up brush may be helpful in removing tea residue.
        • Clean pot and lid with a mild detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly
        • Avoid abrasive cleaners and scourers when hand washing.
        • Wipe dry with a soft cloth.
        • Dishwasher safe.