Engetsu Santoku - 17cm

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This exclusive limited edition knife line consist of three knives – the 20cm Chef’s knife, the 18cm Santoku knife and the 19.5cm Vegetable Cleaver.

With the Engetsu’s beautiful design, special material properties and technically very complex production process, Shun has once again delivered an innovative masterpiece of Japanese ironwork.

An artfully designed ‘full moon’ pattern of Damascus layers is visible on the highly-polished blade.

This optic gives the knife an impressive appearance in combination with the blue/black handle.

The blades consist of two different steel grades which have been processed into a 71-layer Damascus steel.

The laborious braiding of the two steel grades creates a blade with exceptionally durable cutting performance.

The Engetsu knives are packaged in a luxurious wooden box complete with a certificate of authenticity. ENGETSU 71-Layer Damascus Steel Blade

The Dual-Core blade of the Shun Engetsu series is manufactured using an innovative forging process. Two types of steel with different properties are forged into a 71-layer Damask steel: a flexible and resistant VG2 steel with a particularly hard VG10 steel.

As a result the blades cut symmetrically on both sides and offer excellent sharpness, which stays sharp for a long time.

The blade pattern realises different cutting feelings in the three zones of the blade: the heel, middle and tip.

This gives the user different zones of performance where required. The deep and intense pattern in the middle of the blade brings additional food release and enables precise slicing.

The tip and heel have superior toughness and durability.

ENGETSU Pakkawood Handle