Ionic Oval Body Brush

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Redecker's Body Ionic Brush supports physical and spiritual well-being. Designed to massage the body and provide an energetic synthesis. Just three minutes of brushing a day is all you need to help revitalise and relax the body and mind. The physical stimulation of the brush on your skin promotes circulation, boosts your immune system and removes scaly skin, leaving skin more elastic. Crafted from waxed beech wood, extra fine bronze wire and black natural bristles. Measures 9cm in length. Made in Germany. 

How it works: Positive ions restrict the energy supply to the body from outside. Therefore an energy balance by negative charged ions (anions) should be established. The Body Ionic Brush is an uncomplicated aid for producing these anions with the molecular structure of the fine bronze filament (an alloy of copper and tin). * Instructions included.