Oblong Roasting Dish No.3

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* Pillivuyt is fired to a minimum of 1420°C, resulting in porcelain of exceptional strength with high resistance to chipping

* The thick diamond-hard glaze is non-porous, easy to clean and will not stain

* Freezer to oven to tabletop, Pillivuyt’s attractive classical designs will suit most table settings from the simplest to the most sophisticated

* Pillivuyt is lead and cadmium free, therefore completely safe in microwaves and in domestic and industrial dishwashers

* Porcelain is an excellent heat conductor, so heat spreads evenly for better controlled cooking

* Versatile, stackable shapes and functional designs allow for easy storage and safe handling

* Bakeware, dinnerware and table accessories suitable for domestic and commercial use

* All Pillivuyt Ranges are lead and Cadmium free