Pomme Cheese Knife

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Pomme is a series of slender and stylish cutlery that can be used easily in places other than the kitchen.

It is a cheese knife suitable for cutting the cheese of the semi-hard type from the soft type. Because the blade is jagged, it can be used as a decoration knife. The tip is sharp so that when the cheese is cut and taken to the plate, it is made to stab like a fork and to use it. It is a shape designed to cut the cheese and take it to a plate.Enjoy the beautiful texture of delicious cheese and wine, which gently snuggle up to you in a time of stylish talk.

*How to care

When you use it for the first time, please wash it well with a sponge etc. with the detergent for dishes.
・Be careful not to touch the blade when opening the package.
・Because it is a knife, please be careful about handling so as not to damage the hand and the finger.
・Do not use it for anything other than cooking.
・Because it causes nick in a blade, chipping, and deformation, please avoid the use with the impact or the knife to the left and right.
・Do not break open the lid of the can.
・Be sure to use frozen food in a state of complete thawing.
・Do not cover the blade with fire or place it near the fire.
・Because the handle is a natural material, please avoid the water wetting for a long time though the surface is subjected to the painting treatment.
・When children use it, please use it with care by parents and guardians.
・After use, clean and wipe off the water with a dry cloth and store it in a dry and safe place.
・Due to the use of manual labor and natural things, it varies by one, such as grain of wood and colour tone. 
・We do not accept returns after use for cutlery products. Thank you for your understanding.