Premier Serrated Utility Knife

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This style of knife is often called a tomato or sandwich knife, but it is so much more versatile than that description would imply. Of course, it works beautifully on most anything you would put in a sandwich—from meat to cheese to tomato slices. What's more, the serrations will handily cut the sandwich in half when done. But the Premier Serrated Utility offers something else, too. The blade edge is serrated at the front and back, but also has a fine edge in the middle. That makes it perfect for cutting foods with a tougher or more resilient exterior and a tender interior. For the initial push or pull cut, the serrations glide through the exterior with ease while the fine edge cuts through the softer interior. The combination of serrated and fine edge means you get the perfect slice with no tearing or squashing.

  • A versatile, medium sized knife; serrations at tip and heel; fine edge in the middle of the blade
  • VG-MAX cutting core; the latest in the VG line of “super steels”; wear resistant, corrosion resistant, holds a fine, sharp edge; 16° each side
  • 68 micro layers of Damascus cladding look beautiful, support and protect the core
  • Hammered TSUCHIME finish helps release food easily when cutting
  • Walnut finish, contoured Pakkawood® handle; offers comfort and control; resists moisture
  • Handcrafted in Japan