Premium Cut 2pc Carving Set SO

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The GIESSER PremiumCut Carving Set consists of Chef No. 1 with its 20 cm long blade and Fork No. 1.
Chefs No 1 is a very universally applicable chef's knife of the highest top class. The curved and unique blade shape enables and supports effortless and safe working - no matter if meat, vegetables or just crushing herbs. The special feature of this knife is the transition from the handle to the blade. The cutting hand is shifted towards the cutting edge. Thus, the user can control the chef's knife better - and work wrist-friendly. The specially polished and ground knife blade is characterized by its extreme sharpness. The knife glides effortlessly through the material.

The fork is your indispensable helper when carving and serving meat pieces of all kinds.
This fork is forged from high quality and stainless steel and is very well suited for heavy or larger pieces thanks to its very stable and sharpened tines. Attention! Please do not use the fork with coated pots and pans.
The set is also characterized by the design of the handles.

The careful and sensitive processing of the handles make this knife especially easy on the hands. But beware! The knife is particularly sharp and should be used with the necessary respect. Such good knives should always be rinsed by hand and kept safely (out of the reach of children).

Spicy Orange

Very exclusive is also the handle. The plates are made of high quality acrylic. Each  handle is unique, the shape of the handle is precisely adapted to the needs of the user. Therefore, the cooking knife is perfect in the hand and supports safe cutting in an excellent way. This special and valuable cooking knife should always be rinsed with care by hand and stored safely (out of the reach of children).