Premium Cut 2pc Chefs Set Rocking Chefs

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Chefs No. 1 and Office No. 1 are both first-rate chef's knives. Due to the complex heat treatment in vacuum, the blades achieve a hardness of 57 plus/minus 1 Rockwell, the guarantee for high sharpness and edge retention. The special sharpness of the knife is created by the best trained employees of GIESSER (their profession is cutting tool mechanic) in several stages. The ultimate finish is done by a master hand.
The knives are also characterized by the design of the handles.

The careful and sensitive processing of the handles make this knife especially easy on the hands. But beware! The knife is particularly sharp and should be used with the necessary respect. Such good knives should always be rinsed by hand and kept safely (out of the reach of children).

Rocking Chefs

The handle of the Rocking Chef cooking knife is made of Micarta - a natural material mainly made of cellulose and very hard and resistant due to the manufacturing process. Ideal for a knife handle. This special and valuable cooking knife should always be rinsed with care by hand and stored safely (out of the reach of children).