Seki Magoroku Kaname Kiritsuke Knife - 15cm

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The Kaname Series is part of our premium brand Seki Magoroku and represents a high-quality premium class of knives.

The elaborate three-layered blade with satin finish and highly polished cutting edge completes the overall elegant look of the knife and ensures excellent functionality and sharpness. The Kiritsuke form is characterized by a tapered design, with a striking notch at the rear end of the blade which also ensures a comfortable and safe handling. Kiritsuke are all-rounders in the kitchen, but the three different blade sizes of the Kaname series also allow you to use these knives for different purposes and are therefore a fantastic partner in the preparation of demanding dishes and delicate ingredients.

At the core, the blades of the Kaname are made of an extremely hard VGXeos steel with a hardness of 60-62 (±1) HRC, which is itself sheathed in two layers of stainless steel. This special manufacturing method creates a thin cutting edge of excellent and long-lasting sharpness that reduces food resistance during use and ensures smooth and precise cuts.

The handle is intricately handcrafted black-grained pakka wood with a seamless transition from handle to bolster. Its octagonal, ergonomic shape offers good control when cutting, while the knife lies securely and comfortably in the hand.


This small, handy knife is ideal for precise tasks such as peeling and thinly slicing vegetables. Its size is also useful for preparing small amounts of food.

  • Blade: 3 Layered VGXeos Steel
  • Handle: Black Pakkawood
  • Blade length: 15cm
  • Handle Length: 13cm
  • Made in Japan


Rinse the knives in hot water before using them for the first time. After each use, make sure that the knives are washed without delay (with a mild detergen) and dried off with a soft cloth. Acidic foods in particular should be rinsed off immediately after use.

For your own safety, you should always wipe the knife away from your body and away from the cutting edge with a cloth or towel.

Knives do not belong in the dishwasher, under any circumstances. Always wash the knives by hand in order to protect the material and maintain long-lasting sharpness.

Sharpening & Care

Ensure that all knives with natural wooden handles do not remain in water too long. Oil the handle from time to time with a little neutral vegetable or camellia oil.

It is also advisable to have the knives professionally resharpened from time to time to repair signs of wear on the cutting edge and to ensure lasting sharpness.

Due to the high degree of hardness of our knives, sharpening steels are completely unsuitable. From the traditional whetstone to a complete electric system, our range offers the right tool for each of our knives.