Simmer Mat - Black

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Have more control of your cooking temperatures for perfect simmering and remove direct contact with your cookware and cooktop flame with the ARIS Simmer Mat.

A uniquely designed heat diffuser or heat transfer plate, the Simmer Mat helps control the temperature of your cooking surface to ensure long slow cooking and allow for perfect simmering every time.

Another solution that this mat provides is that it reduces food from sticking to your cookware, reducing heat spots occurring as the mat provides better heat dispersion. Not only will it eliminate the The ARIS SimmerMat heat transfer device will eliminate the need for harsh cleaning, prolonging the life of your cookware by protecting it from damage.

ideal for slow, controlled and even cooking like:

  • Pressure Cooking
  • Rice
  • Milk-based foods like porridge
  • Soups
  • Hot drinks like Chai and Turkish Coffee
  • Jams and Chutneys
  • Casseroles
  • Sweets


  • Suitable for all cooktops including glass, ceramic, induction - simply place the Aris Simmer Mat on the cooking surface with points down
  • For Gas, Electric or Solid Fuel Cook tops - place the Aris Simmer Mat with the points upwards
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20cm
  • Made from high quality steel - designed to last a lifetime