SKK Series 7 Fry Pan 24cm

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All Series 7 products are hand cast from a food safe aluminum alloy and feature our high-quality non-stick coating Titanium Durit Resist. The stress-free hand casting process produces an extremely robust semi-finished body which, thanks to optimum characteristics along with thermal conductivity and even heat distribution, guarantees unique cooking pleasure while at the same time maximising energy savings. Moreover, the high-quality non-stick surface coating allows you to prepare healthy, low fat dishes as part of a modern, healthy diet. Series 7 products are suitable for all hob cooker types, including induction hobs.

Our Series 7 is featured with the innovative Professional – S – coating system. This is a three coat system based on an innovative multi-polymer combination. It convinces with an extremely long life non-stick effect. It is particularly suitable for gentle cooking. This system is featured with excellent abrasion resistance and extraordinary long-lasting non-stick effect, developed for professional use.

The 10 mm thick, micro-milled Induction bases ensure perfect and even heat distribution of your Series 7 cookware. These bases never will warp in their lifetime. The extraordinary energy efficiency of the bases saves your money.


  • The INDUCTION series: proven quality in induction-capable design
  • PFOA – free Titanium 2000 Plus Non-Stick Surface coating for no burning of food
  • Hand cast Aluminium alloy,10 mm thermo base for superb cooking characteristics because of extremely good heat distribution from bottom to top
  • Detachable handle
  • No warping of bases even at high temperatures
  • Extremely Scratch resistant and extraordinary durable non stick surface coating allowing low-fat healthy and tasty cooking
  • Innovative technologies make the 10 mm thick base fit for the new generation of induction devices
  • Your personal tool for a healthy and contemporary nutrition
  • Fast and easy cleaning


  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Dimensions: 24cm x 4cm
  • Heat resistant up to 260°C / 470°F
  • Perfect for fried potatoes, stir-fried vegetables and meat