With Frank Camorra and Sue Jenkins


Elkano Restaurant
Rioja wine region
San Sebastian
... and mucho mas

Exclusive for us during our stay.
Our home away from home will be this luxury villa featuring everything we could wish for.
A swimming pool where you can swim and relax. The well equipped kitchen will be put to good use by Frank as he demonstrates some of the secrets of Basque cooking.

Bilbao, Mercado de la Ribera and The Guggenheim
Our journey starts in Bilbao with a visit to the Mercado de la Ribera, the local and famous produce market on an island on the river which is an absolute must. We will stroll through the “Seven Streets” in Bilbao’s Casco Viejo, the oldest part of the city. It was first laid out at the end of the 14th Century and its “Siete Calles” (Seven Streets) is a magic territory for browsing through interesting shops selling tinned fish and live snails, incense-wafting hippy stores, time-warped haberdasheries, cute boutiques and tempting bakeries.
The glittering Guggenheim sparked Bilbao’s renaissance when it opened in October 1997. In the subsequent 20 years, Frank Gehry’s striking shimmer of steel draws visitors from all over the world.

Txacoli Winery 
These are the wines imported by MoVida for Frank’s restaurants. The Txacoli wine is the white wine of the Basque country. Its acidic quality combines perfectly with white fish. The most famous denomination of origin of Txacoli is in Getaria.

The local port is beautiful and if we are lucky we will catch a few boats that have not gone out to sea that day. At the end of the port there are several important companies committed to high quality canned fish. This will make for an interesting stroll around the ports.
Lunch at Elkano 
We will have a relaxed lunch at one of Frank’s favourite restaurants – on the menu will be a Basque Grill. The meat, vegetables and particularly the fish, have a special flavour in these grills. Elkano is one of Frank’s favourite restaurants ever.    

Enjoy this very special tour experience with us
Strictly limited to 10 people.
$10,900 p/person

For more information email Sue or Jenna at or call us on

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